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Asylum:  We assist individuals fleeing their country of origin because of persecution on the basis of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

Indonesia:  Most of my immigration clients are from Indonesia.  The U.S. has long recognized that there is persecution in Indonesia on the basis of race, religion, and nationality, in connection with past civil disturbances.  Unfortunately the current official government position is that the political situation in Indonesia has improved, so that it is more difficult to show a credible fear of future persecution.  

For Indonesian speakers we offer in-house translation included in the attorney's fees and costs.

New Developments Under the Current Administration:  ​The administration of President Trump has made it more difficult generally for all immigrants to obtain asylum.  Specifically, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently declared that the U.S. would not admit asylum seekers who suffered from private crimes, by which he means ordinary street crime, criminal gangs, or domestic violence that could occur in any country.  The legal test is that the government must be allowing the crime to occur or be powerless to stop the crime.